Ergonomic recliner armchair offered in three versions:

  •      Elia armchair /relax mechanism with mechanical drive/
  •      Elia Round armchair /relax mechanism with mechanical drive and rotating 360 degrees/
  •      Elia Electric armchair /electric mechanism which is adjusted by remote control/

Seat part has zig-zag springs, back part is with polyurethane foam and siliconized fluff.

І. Construction:
          1) Corpus - massive wood parts, layer wood; seat parts - zig-zag springs.
          2) Soft parts:
             А: Back part - PU foam, siliconized feathers;
             B: Seat part - PU foam, polyester wadding;  
ІІ. Additional features:
          1) The model is produced with different “Relax” mechanisms:
- Armchair Elia - with mechanical mechanism “Relax”.
- Armchair Elia Raund - with mechanical mechanism “Relax” and additional mounted mechanism for swing and turning at 360 degrees.
- Armchair Elia Electric - with electric mechanism “Relax”.
           2) The upholstery of the seat and back parts is fixed.

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