Sofas "F-Series" - functional models for every home, are an excellent combination of quality and price. SALIVER is a compact model with a sleep function and universal relax left / right with chest.

І. Construction:
          1) Corpus - massive wood parts, MFC, MDF; seat parts - hard base.
          2) Soft parts:
             А: Back cushions - mix of PU foam and siliconized wadding.
             B: Seat parts - PU foam, polyester wadding.
          3) Furniture legs - massive wood.
II. Additional features:
          1) Bed mechanism type “Trestle” with bed size 132x188 cm.
          2) Relax - chest with lifting mechanism.
          3) The seat parts and the back cushions are with stitching.
          4) The model does not be produced in leather or with fabric in stripes.
          5) The back of the corner set is upholstered with spunbond.

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