Sofas from "G-series" combine modern look and comfort with functional bed mechanism and comfortable chest. It is suitable solution for every night use.

І. Construction:

          1) Corpus - massive wood parts, layer wood, MFC, MDF; seat parts - zig-zag springs.
          2) Soft parts:
             А: Back cushions - siliconized fluff.
             B: Seat parts - PU foam.
          3) Furniture legs - massive wood.

II. Additional features:

          1) Bed mechanism type “trestle” with bed sizes 144 x 206 cm for corner set and 144 x 191 cm for sofa 4-seater.
          2) Relax - chest with lifting mechanism with gas-springs.
          3) The back and armrest cushions are fastened to the corpus through zippers.
          4) The back cushions are 3 units for corner set and sofa 4-seater.
          5) It is not recommended to be produced with fabric in stripes or figures.

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