Milena sofa has built-in mechanisms, which enable to adjust the height of the back and hence the depth of the seat part.

І. Construction:
          1) Corpus - massive wood parts, MFC, layer wood; seat parts - elastic webbings.
          2) Soft parts:
             А: Back cushions - PU foam and siliconized wadding;
             B: Seat cushions - PU foam, siliconized wadding, spring-packet type “pocket” ;
          3) Furniture legs - massive wood.
ІІ. Additional features:
          1) No possibility for mounting of bed mechаnism.
          2) There are integrated mechanisms in the back parts.
          3) The back cushions are produced with zipper.
          4) The seat cushions are stationary.
          5) Decorative cushions - 2 units with dimensions 48*48 cm.

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