Comfortable model with a sleep function and universal relax left/right part with a storage.

I. Construction:
1) Corpus - solid wood, layer wood, MFC and laminated MDF; seat parts - zig-zag springs, undermattress - elastic belts
2) Soft parts:
А: Back cushions - mix of PU foam and polyester wadding.
B: Seat cushions - PU foam, polyester wadding.
3) Furniture legs - solid wood.

II. Additional features:
1) Bed mechanism type "trestle". Pure bed size 140x237 см.
2) Relax wth chest and liftinging mechanism
3) Possibility for mobility of modules (left, right). Movable armrests.
4) Back cushions - 7 pieces, with zipper.
5) The model is not produced in leather.

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