Тhe innovative design of model Cake attracts with its beautiful shapes and color combinations, the depth of the seating part makes it easy to relax. Available as option of armchair and stool.

І. Construction:
   1) Corpus - massive wood parts, MFC; seat parts - zig-zag springs.
   2) Soft parts:
       А: Back cushions - PU foam, siliconized wadding.
       B: Seat cushions - PU foam, siliconized wadding.
   3) Furniture legs - massive wood.
II. Additional features:
   1) The back and armrest cushions of the 3-seat sofa are fastened to the corpus through zippers. The armchair is without armrest cushions.
   2) All cushions are stitched and it is not recommended to be produced in leather.
   3) The decorative cushions for the model have to be ordered additionally.
   4) Sofa 3-seats is produced with two seat and back cushions.

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