Chelsea is a model with recliners that allows you full rest. Sofa 3-seater has two mechanisms, sofa 2-seater is produced with one.
Instead of mechanic mechanism you can choose a recliner with electrical motor for easy opening and closing.

I. Construction:          
1) Corpus - massive wood parts, layer wood; seat parts - zig-zag springs.
2) Soft parts:
       A: Back parts - siliconized fluff.
       B: Seat parts - PU foam, spring-packet type"pocket".    
II. Additional features:
1) Mechanism "Relax". Sofa 3-seater is produced with 2 mechanisms and sofa 2-seater with one mechanism.
 The armchair is produced with mechanism.
2) Movable armrest cushions fixed to the corpus through zippers. 
3) It is not recommended to be produced in fabric with stripes or figures.

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