Sofas "F-Series" - functional models for every home, are an excellent combination of quality and price. SiSi is a compact model with a sleep function and universal relax left / right with chest.

І. Construction:
          1) Corpus - massive wood parts, MFC, MDF; seat parts - hard base.
          2) Soft parts:
             А: Back cushions - mix of PU foam and siliconized wadding;
             B: Seat cushions - PU foam;
          3) Furniture legs - massive wood.
ІІ. Additional features:
          1) Mechanism for sleep - type falling back .
          2) Pulling chest on the both modules; opportunity for mobility of modules (left, right).
          3) Pure bed size - 130x210 cm.
          4) The loose covers of the back cushions are movable.
          5) The seat cushions are fixed.

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